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REMINDER:  On and after October 6, 2014, if a policy is issued with the Transfer or In-Agency Transfer Discount, proof must be provided to the company within 3 days. click here to view the communication.

Hallmark Insurance Company's Personal Line Segment is dedicated to providing our appointed insurance agents the tools and products to better educate their clients and serve their ever-changing needs for auto and renters insurance.

We offer competitive rates, a generous commission structure, contingency bonuses and a wide array of products backed by a new commitment to serving you and your customer service representatives efficiently and effectively. Your success is our success, which is why "Service is our Hallmark."


Consumer Note: Information displayed for this website is not incorporated as a part of any policies issued. For consumer information, please click the "My Policy" link. Always consult your agent regarding mandatory and optional coverage.

Nota al consumidor: La informacion divulgada en esta pagina de internet no esta incorporada en las polizas impresas. Para informacion al consumidor, oprima el vinculo de "Mi Poliza". Siempre consulte con su agente sobre la cobertura obligatoria y opcional.

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